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Team Building Training Programme

This training programme covers essential aspects of team dynamics and effectiveness, including communication, collaboration, trust-building, conflict resolution, and goal alignment. Participants will engage in interactive sessions and activities designed to promote teamwork and mutual understanding.

Training objectives

In our training programme, we focus on three types of learning associated with the taxonomy of learning behaviours, which are taught as the goals of the training process:

Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes (KSAs):

  1. Cognitive: mental skills (Knowledge)

  2. Affective: growth in feelings or emotional areas (Attitude)

  3. Psychomotor: manual or physical skills (Skills)


The trainees (participants) should:


  • Name the importance of effective communication in team dynamics.

  • Learn different conflict resolution strategies and when to apply them.

  • Describe the factors that contribute to building and maintaining trust within a team.


  • Develop active listening skills to enhance communication within the team.

  • Effectively execute problem-solving techniques through team-based activities.

  • Select the most effective way to give and receive constructive feedback to foster a positive team environment.


  • Cultivate openness and respect for diverse perspectives within the team.

  • Foster a collaborative mindset that emphasizes shared goals and mutual support.

  • Accept a proactive approach to addressing challenges and conflicts within the team.

The programme is designed for:

  • Team Leaders and Managers: Those responsible for leading and supervising teams, aiming to develop skills in team communication, conflict resolution, and fostering a positive team environment.

  • Team Members: Employees working within teams, looking to improve their collaborative skills, problem-solving abilities, and interpersonal relationships with colleagues.

  • Cross-functional teams: Groups composed of individuals from different departments or disciplines, aiming to strengthen their ability to work together effectively toward common goals.

  • Organizational Units or Departments: Entire teams or departments within an organization seeking to enhance overall team cohesion, performance, and effectiveness.

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